Abington Park, Northampton

Tree and Dry Wall by Richard Cobby

Advanced Colour PI - Heat 6 2016 - 1st

Standing at Pickering by Alan Edwards

Advanced Monochrome PI - Heat 6 2016 - 1st

Raining Hard by David Baillie

Intermediate Colour PI - Heat 6 2016 - 1st

Sheep May Safely Graze by Richard Hardwick

Intermediate Monochrome PI - Heat 6 2016 - 1st

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Established in 1949... ...we take great pride in the history of our club and its achievements over the years. We acknowledge our long and distinguished past but at the same time continue to look to the future - embracing new technology and setting new standards of excellence.
Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation. Affiliated to Northampton Abington Community Association, Registered Charity Number 1151292